The data recovery work on Portuguese Women Writers who lived between 1500 and 1900 presented on this website is the result of the efforts of several researchers who integrated the research group over time and of people who contributed with information to enrich it:


  • Ana Maria Sanchez Tarrío
  • Inês de Ornellas e Castro
  • Isabel Morujão
  • José Félix Duque
  • Lígia Cabrita
  • Luísa Resende
  • Pedro Sena Lino
  • Pedro Urbano
  • Sara Ludovico
  • Teresa Sousa de Almeida
  • Vanda Anastácio


  • Fabio Mario Silva
  • Maria Eunice Moreira
  • Andreia Castro
  • Eduardo da Cruz
  • Ana Cristina Comandulli
  • Elisabeth Martini
  • Valerie Hegstrom
  • Monica Ganhão

The information presented on this page is updated regularly.

Although data on Portuguese women writers active before the 19th century is scarce, there is still data to recover and sources to explore.

Furthermore, as more researchers become interested in the subject, the available bibliography expands.

If you wish to contribute biographical or bibliographic data to this page, please send them (with reference to the source consulted) to

We will integrate the information provided and give you due credit on the website in the “Contributors” list.

All contributions are welcome!