ESCRITORAS is an online catalog that provides information on Portuguese women writers active in the Portuguese cultural area before 1900. The use of the word Portuguese in this context must be understood in a broad sense, as broad as the political, geographic and linguistic borders of the Portuguese cultural area and its different configurations between 1490 and 1900. This broad understanding implies the inclusion of women writers born in Brazil, Africa or India during Portuguese domination. Given that educated men and women born in Portuguese territories before 1700 often wrote in languages ​​other than Portuguese, such as Latin and Spanish, the same broad understanding presided over the inclusion of texts in other languages. The same inclusive criterion was applied to the concept of “Writer”: all women included in this site are considered Writers, regardless of the literary genre in which they wrote, the volume of their textual production, the way in which they disseminated their writings, the number of their readers, the financial gains they may have obtained from their activity, or their pretensions to originality.

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The data recovery work on Portuguese Women Writers who lived between 1500 and 1900 presented on this website is the result of the effort of several researchers who integrated the research group over time and of people who contributed with information to enrich it.